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Tania's Teddies
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Pinocchio & Teddy
* Let's Play *
Nana's Little Girl
* Spud *
* Violet *
small bear
* Annie *
Contact Me , Bear Search
* Pandas *
* Pinky & Golly *
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Making friends !
*Alison and Wonder*
*Pretty Ballerina*
* Aunt Daisy *Ltd 1
*Stuart and his toy dog*
*Becky & Sue*
more bears soon
Teddy and Ozzy *Emilie & Emma*
* Magazine * , Awards

me and my bears

This is me with some of my bears, you can see how small some of them are. I hope you enjoyed browsing through these pages. I will continue to update my site so keep popping in.Thanks for visiting.Best Regards Tania Gallaghan.


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Tania's Teddies

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